Seattle Dance Fitness

Welcome to Seattle Dance fitness in Shoreline and Seattle!

Welcome to Seattle Dance fitness in Shoreline and Seattle!

Welcome to Seattle Dance fitness in Shoreline and Seattle!Welcome to Seattle Dance fitness in Shoreline and Seattle!



"Jessica Gleason puts a lot of heart, time and kick a** choreo together deliver to original routines for Zumba and Cardio Dance Party (aka “CDP”).  Her infectious energy and “let’s have crazy fun” is inspiring!  I definitely appreciate her variety of music selection. From the likes of Swae Lee, Haim, Bruno Mars and Camilla Cabello, there is something for everyone.  Another plus is that even as a regular, class never gets stale because she is always bringing fresh routines monthly.  No “same old-same old” with her. She loves dance and it shows with every sway, shimmy and twerk!  Her classy is sassy fun that leaves me sweating like “woah”!"  -Dana W., Seattle

"I grew up dancing as a kid and thought Jessica's Zumba class would be great a way to get some kick ass cardio and reconnect to that feeling of freedom and joy only dance can give. Jessica's classes are so much more. The choreography is fun, diverse and adaptable for all levels and she creates a supportive community wherever she teaches. Jessica has the unique ability to be both sexy and silly and to put you at ease in her class. She is caring and approachable and her class is always a highlight of my week." -Heather S., Shoreline

"Jessica is the BEST! Her dance classes are jam packed with super high energy that is totally contagious. You cannot help but have sweaty fun and there are a lot of laughs! If you ever wanted to feel like you are starring in your own dance video, take her Cardio Dance class and learn her awesome choreography. The classes are challenging (in a good way) but are super accessible to all abilities. Jessica is also great with the kiddos, my daughter also took her toddler class years ago and still remembers Jessica’s songs and dances." -Karen R., Seattle

"My 2 daughters and I attended Jessica's Family Dance Party together and had a blast! It's such a great way to be active with my girls. My 1st grader loved the it so much, she asked for a Hip Hop Kids birthday party with Jessica for her 7th birthday. Jessica did an amazing job tailoring the party for 12 energetic girls; mixing in dance, learning choreography, performing for each other, and free dance with glow sticks, scarves and hoops. They all left sweaty, beaming with smiles and confidence. The girls (and their parents) are still remarking about how it was their favorite birthday party!" -Kara D., Seattle


"I have been attending Jessica's classes for several years and they quickly became my favorite. The energy in class picks me up, it's always fun and joyous. This is mainly due to Jessica's clear love of what she does and for her students. Her choreo is hot but easy to follow and always makes me feel like a rock star. It's such a great time I never feel like I'm working even tho I'm sweaty ;) I look forward to going every week."  

-Amber C., Seattle


"Jessica Gleason is 

1. Confident 

2. Fabulous at bringing her energy and passion 

3. Outstanding as a group fitness dance instructor who creates a sense of community and camaraderie within her classes 

4. She comes in planned and prepared with the selection of songs and non stop 60 minutes of dance and motivates her students to move like her, or at least try their best to move like her. 5. 

All in all she is a rock star."

-Vimala K.

"I started taking Jessica's class as a way to lose weight and have fun. It grew to be much more I have met some amazing people and have gained a huge amount of confidence. I feel like everyone should take Zumba or Cardio dance with Jessica whether you can dance or not come and have fun."

-Demetra M.

"Jessica is the most wonderful Dance fitness instructor I've ever experienced! If you love dance, as I do, you'll totally enjoy any of Jessica's classes. I found her at her 24 hr fitness venue over three years ago and I was hooked! Where can you find a talented, innovative dance exercise teacher who makes every class totally fun? Jessica! thats who! She makes every class fun, so fun you forget you're doing quality exercise! Thanks Jessica for making exercise fun again for me!! Big Hugs!"

-Randy B.

“I have had the pleasure of taking Jessica’s class for many years and always look forward to the energy and creativity she brings to class each week. She is a talented instructor with fresh creative choreography that will motivate you to move in a way that feels more like FUN than your regular workout. Jessica’s dance background sets the stage for her fun-loving personality to inspire students of all ages and fitness levels. It is clear she loves what she does and this makes her an outstanding instructor!” -Laura B., Lake Forest Park